Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars

Healthy Fresh Vitamins for your Hair

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Pink Sand

Shampoo bar with Coconut Oil for Normal Hair


A Shampoo bar packed with delicious natural ingredients. It will bring a shiny glow to your hair and infuse them with a blend of vitamins derived from fresh Raspberry Juice and Coconut oil.

Apricot Dream

Moisturizing Shampoo bar for Dry Hair with Argan


A zero-waste shampoo bar made with Apricot Extract and Argan oil for dry hair. Specifically designed to moisturize and restore shine.

Green Paradise

Shampoo bar with Argan Oil for Thin Hair


A green shampoo bar for thin hairs. A wonderful creamy shampoo packed with delicious natural ingredients. Its gentle touch will strengthen thin hair and infuse them with a blend of vitamins derived from fresh Kiwi Juice, Argan oil and Green Clay.

Eco-friendly shampoo bars packed with fresh natural ingredients

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A bubbly shampoo packed with delicious natural ingredients. Its blend of oils will tame frizzy hair and infuse them with a mix of vitamins and nutrients derived from Coconut Oil and Passion Fruit Extract.

Our Shampoo Bars

Our naturally-derived & environmentally friendly shampoos for women are made of the newest plant-based foaming technology, which guarantees a very nice washing experience coupled with ultimate results.

About Us

Pacific Spirit mission is to create and promote eco-friendly shampoo bars that are good for the oceans and wonderful for hair. Our company supports the Ocean Cleanup foundation with a percentage  of all our sales.

Shampoo Bars Benefits

Shampoo Bars have only benefits compared to regular bottled shampoos. They are eco-friendly: say good-bye to plastic pollution linked to your daily washing routine. A small step for you, a big step four our communities.


A great step against plastic pollution

with great plastic free products

Fresh Vitamins

Nourish your Hair and Scalp

low ph 1
Neutral PH

Great for dyed Hair and Daily use

shit free
Sillicon & Sulphate Free

Gentle for your Hair

Innovative Hand Grip

High Foaming Technology

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