How to use a Shampoo Bar: a step-by-step guide

A small step for you, a great step against plastic pollution

We hope you are ready to join the exciting world of plastic-free shampoos. Not only shampoo bars avoid the waste produced by 2 to 3 bottles
of plastic, but they also reduce the Co2 production caused by transportation (less weight = less fuel consumed).
Solid shampoos are the newest hair care trend that hooked many Americans from the first try. Not only will you have great hair,
but you will also feel a sense of pride knowing that you pollute less.

A short transition period

When you switch from classic shampoo to a bar, there is a transition period that may take 3 to 5 days.
During this period, your hair will appear a bit more oily than usual. This is because your scalp is used to be stripped of its sebum
every day. After this adaptation period, your hair will get accustomed to shampoo bar foam.
Be patient and give your shampoo bar a chance. You will be rewarded with stronger, shinier, and healthier hair after just one week of use.

How to use your Shampoo Bar

  1. Wet your hair and palms
  2. Lather the bar in your hands for 15 seconds
  3. Put your shampoo bar down in its dedicated storage
  4. Massage well the lather into your roots
  5. Do not pile your hair on top of your head to lather: it is a source of unwanted tangles
  6. If you have long hairs, you can run the bar down their length
  7. Rinse your hair
  8. Repeat the “lather + massage + rinse” steps for a more vigorous wash (if you have oily hair)
  9. Apply conditioner if needed, especially if you have dry hair


Use of a shampoo bar as body wash

You can perfectly use your favourite shampoo bar as body wash as they are very gentle for your skin


A few tips for beautiful hair

Use natural oil masks to restore shine and hydration

Natural fatty acids, such as coconut oil or shea butter, are deeply
moisturizing. Apply them to the lengths in the evening before going to
bed. To maximize the oils’ moisturizing properties, you can wrap your
hair in a towel after applying your hair mask.

Moisturize and detangle your hair daily

These natural lightweight oils are perfect to use in your morning routine:

  • argan oil
  • grapeseed oil
  • jojoba oil
  • rosehip seed oil
  • sweet almond oil.

A few drops when your hair are still wet will help with detangling and bring lots of shine throughout the day.

Minimize external aggressions

  • Avoid ammonia-based products as often as possible
  • Limit the number of annual Brazilian straightening sessions Dry your hair with medium warm heat
  • Prefer a gentle ceramic straightener over a classic one . You can couple it with a heat protecting spray
  • Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo


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Shampoo Bars have many benefits 


A bubbly shampoo packed with delicious natural ingredients. Its blend of oils will tame frizzy hair and infuse them with a mix of vitamins and nutrients derived from Coconut Oil and Passion Fruit Extract.

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A green shampoo bar for thin hairs. A wonderful creamy shampoo packed with delicious natural ingredients. Its gentle touch will strengthen thin hair and infuse them with a blend of vitamins derived from fresh Kiwi Juice, Argan oil and Green Clay.