How to smooth frizzy hair?

smooth Your frizzy hair Now!

Here are important tips to repair your frizzy hair and get your shine back!

1. Leave Towel Dry

Wash hair as normal but leave to towel dry. Consider applying a leave-in conditioner for between five to 15 minutes to keep hair full of moisture.
You can try our sulfate free shampoo bar for frizzy hair to clean and nourished your hair.

2. Leave to air dry for as long as possible

Leave to air dry for as long as possible only blasting the hair last minute. ALWAYS use a heat protector regardless of how much heat you use. This will protect the overall condition and keep the hair looking healthy.

3. Don't straightening all hair before curling

People make the mistake of straightening all hair before curling – you only straighten the front and possibly the top slightly. Straightening the whole head of hair can often flatten it. Separate the hair into two or three layers depending on its thickness and take a large barrel wand or curler. Separate into large sections of hair, curling away from the face and wrap around the wand. Release each curl and leave to cool.

4. Use Wide Toothed Comb

Brush through with a professional wide toothed comb and spray with shine spray. This gives a gorgeous glossy feel.

5. Quick Blast of hairspray

Finally, a quick blast of hairspray to secure any loose hairs and you’ve got the perfect glossy waves!