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Good for the Oceans - Wonderful for your hair

Limited - 50% Discovery offer on all Pacific Spirit's Shampoo Bars

Our shampoo bars are a revolutionary way to cleanse your hair without the use of harsh chemicals, plastic bottles or excess waste. They are made from all naturally-derived ingredients and smell amazing too! You can even choose from our range of scents including raspberry, kiwi, apricot and passion fruit.

We’ve created this product because we believe in hair beauty without harming our planet.

We are so convinced that our shampoo bars will meet your expectations that we are excited to offer you this coupon for 50% off.

This will give you the opportunity to try out our product at an affordable price with no commitment whatsoever. 



Frizzy Passion

Our Shampoo bar for Curly Hair

Get moisturized and hydrated with this luxurious, paraben-free shampoo. Infused with sapote extract and passion fruit extract, your curls will love the nourishment while coconut oil will leave them shinier than ever before. 

When you’re looking for a product that will work with your natural curls and give you bounce all while following your curl pattern – our shampoo is formulated to be just right

Green Paradise

Our Shampoo bar for Fine Hair

Refreshing lemongrass scented shampoo bar. This naturally-derived bar is enriched with argan oil and fresh kiwi extract that will bring your hair back to life. This very gentle shampoo will provide a super gentle wash while giving your hair an overall healthy glow.

Pink Sand

Our Shampoo bar for Normal Hair

A 100% vegan and cruelty-free shampoo bar based on naturally-derived ingredient. You’ll be impressed by the cleanliness of your hair with day after day shampoo bar! 

A great recipe built from coconut oil, raspberry extract and white clay. Get ready for compliments and questions about how you keep up your head 16 hours after you wash it!

Apricot Dream

Our Shampoo bar for Dry Hair

Hydrating hardworking shampoo with apricot extract and argan oil for dry hair.

Get ready to experience the invigorating, moisturizing lather that will leave your hair and scalp feeling soft and refreshed. It’s been specifically designed for those with dry or damaged hair so that it can give you a rebound of strength against dry spells which are inevitable all year round. 

Our secret Fresh Fruits Extracts for your hair

Our fresh organic fruit extracts are the pillar of our shampoos.

No chemical solvent is used in any step of their production,making the products completely safe and also environmentally friendly as all by-products generated during the production processes have a low impact on the environment.

Their nutrients and vitamins will leave your hair looking shinier and brighter than ever!



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Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar is a company with a mission to change the world and make it plastic-free. We believe that everybody can live in an environmentally friendly way without decreasing their everyday comfort. We believe that contemporary shampoos have become too harsh and damage hairs in the long run. That is why we make shampoos that are gentle for our earth but also gentle for your hair.

We support the Ocean Cleanup foundation through a percentage of all our sales.

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